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Hi, Anand thank you for sharing the picture! You may also share your pictures with us at canonedge.com

Very nice photos Anikode! Always appreciated! Please feel also free to share your photos to our wall and please write which lens you used to shoot them!
Best regards.
Carl Zeiss Lenses

Beautiful images, Anand! Would you mind if we shared with our fans through posts? We'll make sure to link to your website. Let us know! Thank you. U.S. Embassy Berlin commented on your photo. "Wow! Who's the phtotographer?"
DiscoverAmerica.com - Official U.S. Travel Site
Hi Anikode! Thank you very much for you message and congratulations for your webpage!  Andalusia is an unforgettable destination. We encourage you to visit Spain, full of culture and traditions. best regards!
See Spain
Thanks for the intro Anand... lovely photos on your site "stunning images"
"Come on over Anand Anikode their is plenty to see and do. We know you will be as inspired by Canada as we are!"
Canada Place
Dear Anand, Greetings from Seychelles! We thank you for contacting us and we are pleased to learn that you are considering Seychelles as holiday destination.
Seychelles Tourism Board
Hi Anand, Thank you for your support and interest on Emirates.
Hi Anand, Your photos are lovely, and we're happy you're interested in travel, too. You can share your photos with us through our online photo community at Nat Geo.
National Geographic Traveler
"Hi Anand, please email us directly at info@abercrombiekent.co.in and we'll be more that happy to discuss any potential collaboration. Look forward to hearing from you.
Abercrombie & Kent
 "Anand Anikode" Do plan a visit and enjoy this scenic destination!
Tourism Malaysia    

With your talent, judging from your portfolio, you could run photo safaris, form groups, bring them over and write your costs into the group expense and we could take you out. We would like to possibly include you in our website. - as a photographer for photo safari package tours that we plan to make available. We would like to book groups fir photo safari tours (migration, hot air balloon, etc.)
The picture you gave attached gives me the confidence to make you this offer.
Serengeti Sons Safaris

Outstanding work. I will try and see more if your work when I'm at home on the computer and I have some time. Best Regards.
Quintin Ehman

"WOW beautiful Anikode! Is this taken in Fiji?
Tourism Fiji

Anand, You have a nice website. Good on ya!
Peter Lik (photographer)

"Oh wow, thank you Anand. great …. I would be honored to meet you someday."
Lori Grimmett (photographer)

Hello Anand - you have very nice images from your travels. India and Thailand are some of my favorite places to travel and photograph. Try and stretch your imagination a bit playing with different angles ….  keep following your passion.
Art Wolfe

I checked your website.......I must say it’s beautiful......the pics that you clicked are mind blowing. If and when you visit the African wildlife  ......u can get some amazing photography of a life time.   all the very best...
web: www.wanderandexploretours.com

You have nice collection of images. I am yet to finalise the next workshop date, will update you once date has been announced.
Rathika Ramasamy (wildlife photographer)

Anand,  Thank you, Enthusiasm is what will keep you going! My recommendation is to find a story and put it into images. Use emotion and your own personal style. It will come if you believe in yourself. All the Best.
Robert park (photographer)

Thanks Anand. You got a wonderful website too. Beautiful collection. I see you are from India. I've got few places in India that I want to visit in future. Wish you all the best too in travel photography!
Fakrul jamil (landscape photographer)

I had privilege visiting your brilliant website and had the pleasure of seeing the master job of photography. Thailand and India presentation is classic and motivating too, making lesser soul like me fall in love with the subject, Keep up the great and brilliant work, wish you all success. Your fan at first site (sight)
Sudhakar Shetty, (Maxtalent Global) Dubai

Nice, Very nice. We both looked at the site and I can only say, Shubha aarambh - kuch meetha ho jaye?!! Keep it up & best of luck.
K.V. Srinivasan (CEO Reliance Capital)

"have seen your website! great job, anand! greetings to india!"
Mike Lindtner  (photographer)